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Colorado GOP endorses Trump


CONTACT: Chairman Dave Williams

Date: 1-14-2024

Greenwood Village, Colorado - Tonight, the Colorado Republican Party overwhelmingly endorsed President Donald J. Trump for President in a special meeting of its State Central Committee.

The outsized majority made clear that President Trump is the inevitable Republican nominee and the most likely candidate to defeat Joe Biden and his out-of-touch and corrupt Democrat lapdogs. The Colorado Republican Party also made clear it is time to unite and rally around President Trump so we can maximize our time, energy, and resources to win in November. 

More importantly, everyone on the committee agrees it is extremely unfair how President Trump has been treated by his radical Democrat rivals and opponents. Extreme Democrats and dark money leftist organizations have been pushing or funding bogus 14th Amendment lawsuits to remove President Trump from the ballot while Joe Biden's corrupt Department of Justice has weaponized the justice system against him to engage in clear election interference. 

"On the eve of the Iowa Caucuses, the Colorado Republican Party wanted to give President Donald J. Trump a big send off by enthusiastically endorsing him for President in November," said Chairman Dave Williams.

"President Trump has sacrificed tremendously for Colorado and America. President Trump has laid it all on the line for hard working citizens to the point where crooked Democrats and leftwing activist judges are desperately engaging in election interference by weaponizing our justice system to stop him from getting back into the White House," stated Chairman Williams.

"At the end of the day, Americans know Joe Biden is off his rocker, and doesn't have a clue how to address the needs of this country. The Colorado Republican Party is more than happy to stand with President Trump because he risked it all to stand for this country," concluded Chairman Williams.

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