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Spring 2022 - see locations below

The purpose of precinct caucuses is to elect precinct committee persons and delegates to county assemblies. Open to Republican voters within the county that have been registered at least 22 days prior to the Caucus.

county assembly locations (as of 2020)

#1-Pleasant View Fire Department, 15235 CR CC, Pleasant View

#2-Ponderosa Restaurant, 715 Railroad Ave., Dolores

#3-Lewis-Arriola Community Center, 21203 Rd S, Cortez

#4-Lighthouse Baptist Church, 11502 Hwy 145, Cortez

#5-American Legion Hall, 320 N. Harrison, Cortez

#6-County Annex, 107, N. Chestnut, Cortez

#7-Baymont Inn & Suites, 2121 E. Hawkins Street, Cortez

#8-Montezuma GOP Headquarters, 11 N. Hwy 491, Cortez

#9- Montezuma GOP Headquarters, 11 N. Hwy 491, Cortez

#10-Candelaria Construction, 26050 Rd L, Cortez

#11- Mancos School Cafeteria, 301 W. Grand Ave., Mancos


County Assembly Spring 2022, 6pm @ County Annex 107 N. Chestnut St, Cortez 

County Assemblies elect delegates to the Congressional District and State Conventions.

District Assembly TBD

District Assemblies choose the National Convention Delegates (3 in each of Colorado's District) along with the district's delegates to the Colorado State Republican Assembly

State Assembly TBD in Denver

The State Convention chooses 13 of 37 delegates from Colorado to the Republican National Convention


The county assembly is held no later than 25 days after the precinct caucuses. The date of the district assembly is determined by the chairperson of the district committee, but happens after the county assemblies.The state assembly is held after the district and county assemblies, but no later than 73 days before the June Primary Election.

The agenda for Assemblies and Conventions shall be as follows:

  • Ratify the Chairperson and Secretary of the County Assembly/Convention

  • Convention Rules

  • Credentialing

    • delegates/alternates to the assembly

    • candidates in attendance

    • nominators for the candidates

    • read & confirm number of delegates prior to each vote

  • Nominations and seconds by credentialed delegates or alternates, speeches and voting for designated local candidates

  • Resolutions

  • Nominations, speeches and voting for designated upper level candidates (58, 59, 6, any other state, 3rd Congressional, US Senator, or any other Federal Office).




Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

Precinct Caucuses

You can pre-register for your caucus by going to: pre-register, print and bring to your caucus.

March 2022 -  Republican Precinct Caucus locations:

Precinct 1             Pleasantview Fire Department, 15235 CR CC, Pleasant View

Precinct 2:            Ponderosa Restaurant, back room, 715 Railroad, Dolores

Precinct 3:            Lewis-Arriola Community Center, 21203 Rd S, Cortez

Precinct 4:            Lighthouse Baptist Church, 11502 Hwy 145, Cortez

Precinct 5:            Cortez Elks Lodge -  Grand Room,  2100 N. Dolores Road, Cortez

Precinct 6:            Towaoc Community Center, 485 Sunset Blvd., Towaoc

Precinct 7:            First Assembly of God, 120 S. Linden Street, Cortez

Precinct 8:            Cortez City Hall, 123 Roger Smith Ave., Cortez;

Precinct 9:            Montezuma Valley Presbyterian Church, 350 S. Washington, Cortez

Precinct 10:          Cortez Elk's Lodge - Dining Room, 2100 Dolores Road, Cortez

Precinct 11:          Mancos School Cafeteria, 301 W. Grand Ave., Mancos

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