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Lincoln Day Dinner 2019

Saturday, October 12th

Ute Mountain Casino

6pm - 10pm

Keynote Speaker: Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin is an American conservative blogger, political commentator, author and businesswoman. Her weekly syndicated column appears in a number of newspapers and websites. She was a Fox News contributor and has been a guest on MSNBC, C-SPAN, and national radio programs. 

Her latest book: Open Borders, Inc.: Who's Funding the Plot to Unmake America will be released in September 2019 and will be available for purchase and signing at our Lincoln Day Dinner!

tickets and dinner

Cost: $75.00 per person, $600.00 for a table of 8

Optional add'l $100 for Table Sponsorship sign (limited availability)

Dinner will be buffet style, with Prime Rib, Herbed Chicken, and Maple-Glazed Salmon along with a variety of sides and dessert. Please let us know if you have vegetarian or special dietary needs.

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Republican elected officials

Don Coram - State Senator

Marc Caitlin - House Representative District 58

Jim Candelaria - Montezuma County Commissioner

Larry Don Suckla - Montezuma County Commissioner

Keenan Ertel - Montezuma County Commissioner

County Sheriff: Steve Nowlin

County Surveyor: Ernest Maness

County Treasurer: Ellen Black 

County Assessor: Leslie Bugg

County Clerk: Kim Percell

22nd Judicial District Attorney: Will Furse

County Coroner: George Deavers 

The rundown

5:30pm - Doors Open

6:00pm - Meet and greet Michelle Malkin, with photo opportunities

                   Silent Auction Tables open

6:30pm - Welcome Announcements

6:45pm - Invocation, Pledge and Dinner

7:15pm - Live Auction - Big Items

7:45pm - Chairman Opening Remarks

7:55pm - Introduction of VIPs

8:00pm - Introduction of Keynote Speaker

8:05pm - Michelle Malkin, Keynote Speaker

9:00pm - Photos and Book Signing

9:05pm - Silent Auction Closes

9:05pm - Visiting till close


This Lincoln Day dinner is the start of fundraising for the upcoming 2020 races. The Montezuma County Republicans need your support as we prepare for a rough election season.

In the 2018 election season, local Democrats raised $80K+ to help in their races. It's tough to get advertising, signs, events and more to showcase our candidates, and often candidates in smaller races are left on their own to raise funds and garner help. 

We are hoping to support candidates willing to work for our ideals, that aren't afraid to face tough challenges and ask hard questions. Not just for general elections, but School boards, Special District boards and more. 

Your support is critical. Your voice and vote are critical. A non-vote can turn the tide just as easily as a vote. Our recent legislative season has been a true indicator showing that our common vision and traditions are being over-run by lawmakers who believe they know best and feel that Americans need to be regulated and controlled at every level.

And it's not often you can meet someone like Michelle Malkin, who is engaged in conservative ideals, who keeps liberals on the defense, and who has drive and vision! 


We will gather fellow conservatives from all over the region. Take this time to get to know each other, make new connections, and find fellowship.


Come see our special guest. Get energized to make a difference. 

Make this an evening to remember.

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