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The name of the organization shall be the Montezuma County Republican Central Committee, also known as the Montezuma County Republicans, hereinafter referred to as MCR.


The purpose of the organization shall be to perform the functions set forth in the election laws of the State of Colorado and the bylaws of the Colorado Republican State Central Committee for the MCR, including but not limited to:

A. Educating electors in the principles of, and enlisting them in the Republican Party.
B. Disseminating political information about the affairs of our county, state, and nation, and defining the issues at stake.
C. Promoting support for all Republican candidates for county, state, and national offices. No candidate for any designation or nomination for public office shall be publicly endorsed, supported, or opposed by the MCR, its officers or committee-persons before the primary election, unless such candidate is unopposed in the primary.
D. Raising funds for the Republican Party.
E. Encouraging a strong Republican organization and encouraging citizens to exercise their American right to vote.
F. Exerting every effort to achieve the objectives of the Colorado Republican State platform and the platform adopted by the Republican National Convention.
G. Striving to have every position and/or office of the MCR filled by a separate individual, having individuals hold multiple offices only during an interim period, as necessary, until such a position may be filled by appointment or election, whichever is appropriate.


1. Core Membership - Core membership consists of the Executive Committee plus 2 chairpersons of 11 precincts (a total of 27 minus any vacant seats) plus Republican elected officials that reside in Montezuma County.
2. Majority- 50% of the total present voting membership plus one vote. If there are more than two candidates and no one candidate receives 50% plus one vote in the first round of voting, a run off of the two highest vote-getters will be held until a single candidate receives 50% plus one vote.
3. Plurality Vote – The number of votes cast for a candidate who receives more votes than any other but does not receive an absolute majority.
4. Quorum for General Business - In order to conduct business, a quorum of at least 25% of the core membership shall be in attendance.
5. Quorum for Bylaw Changes - In order to amend the bylaws, a quorum of at least 40% of the core membership shall be in attendance.
6. Publicly Supporting – posting yard signs on residence, working a candidate booth or office, writing letters or making calls in support of candidate, and other activities as determined by the MCR.
7. Republican Nominated Candidate – Candidates are officially a Republican Nominated Candidate after the primary.
8. Teller Committee - Consist of three members and is selected by the executive committee chair from volunteers present.
9. Sergeant at Arms – Officer at assemblies and conventions to maintain order of credentialed delegates, alternates and guests.
10. Electioneering – to take part actively and energetically in a specific candidates campaign.


Section 1. Membership shall be composed of voting and non-voting members.

A. The voting members shall be all elected precinct committee-persons from all precincts within Montezuma County, the County party officers, President of the Republican Women’s Club of Montezuma County, the elected Republican county public officials, the Republican State Senators and Representatives, United States Senators and Representatives, and elected State public officials and the District Attorney(s) who reside within the county.
B. The non-voting members shall be the elected officers of the party’s Congressional, State Senatorial, State Representative, and Judicial Central Committees, and chairpersons of the MCR standing committees. Members of any republican club shall not have a vote.
C. The MCR follows the federal guidelines against discrimination.

Section 2. All voting members shall reside and be registered as Republicans within the county.

Section 3.

Section 4 Removal

A. Any elected officer of the MCR may be removed from office at any time for whatever cause may be deemed sufficient by a two-thirds vote of the entire membership of the MCR eligible to vote at a meeting called for that purpose. Written notice of the meeting and purpose shall be mailed/emailed to each member at least 15 days before the meeting. The officer at issue shall be notified in writing, via certified mail, of the reason(s) why a vote
regarding his/her removal has been called.

Section 1. Officers

A. The elected officers shall be a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.
B. The officers shall reside and be registered as Republicans within the county, within the meaning of CRS 1-3-101 et. seq.
C. The MCR officers shall assume their duties at the close of the organizational meeting and shall serve for a term of two years or until their successors are elected.


Section 2. Duties

A. The Chairperson shall:

1) be the chief executive officer of the MCR;
2) issue the call and preside at all meetings of the MCR, the Executive Committee, and the Vacancy Committee;
3) observe and enforce the Bylaws and Rules of the MCR;
4) appoint all standing and special committees;
5) be an ex officio member of all committees except the Audit and Nominating Committees;
6) perform functions as outlined in the Colorado State Bylaws, Article XVI, Rules for Counties and Districts.

B. The Vice-chairperson shall:

1) exercise the functions of the Chairperson in his absence, during his inability to perform or at his request;
2) perform other duties the Chairperson may assign.

C. The Secretary shall:

1) be the chief clerical officer of the MCR and executive committee proceedings;
2) have ready at least three days prior to the convening of each county assembly, a temporary roll of the delegates entitled to participate, with copies to the MCR officers. The roll shall be prepared from the credentials of uncontested delegates placed upon the temporary roll by the MCR;
3) serve as Secretary at all county assemblies;
4) prepare and verify all credentials for delegates and certificates showing designations made by the county assembly;
5) perform other duties the Chairperson may assign.
6) not concurrently hold the secretary position of another republican entity.

D. The Treasurer shall:

1) be custodian of all funds, financial books, papers, records and proceedings of the MCR and the Republican County Assembly and report to the Executive Committee as required by law;
2) file all financial reports as required by law;
3) perform other duties the Chairperson may assign.
4) not concurrently hold the treasurer position of another republican entity.


Section 3. Nominations

A. A Nominating Committee shall be elected by the membership at the January meeting prior to the organizational meeting to nominate one person for each office.
B. Candidates for officers can also be nominated from the floor at the organizational meeting. Nominations may be made by any voting member of the MCR.
C. Only members of the MCR in attendance shall make nominations for any office.
D. Nominees shall be present and consent to serve.


Section 4. Elections

A. Officers shall be elected by majority vote by secret ballot, unless there is only one nominee for the office. In that case, election shall be by voice vote.
B. Each officer shall deliver to their successor, all properties of the office on or before the successor takes office.


Section 5. Vacancies

A. Vacancy of MCR Officers

1. If a vacancy occurs in any of the elected officers of the MCR (Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer), a Vacancy Committee consisting of the Executive Committee shall meet for the purpose of nominating a replacement within thirty days of the vacancy.
2. The Chairperson for this committee shall be the highest ranking officer available.
3. The candidate for the office will be ratified by the MCR membership at the next regular meeting after the Executive Committee met.
4. Potential candidates may be nominated from the floor, in which case, a ballot vote shall take place.

B. Vacancy of Precinct Chairpersons

1. If a vacancy of any precinct chairperson occurs, a Vacancy Committee for the purpose of filling a vacant office in the MCR shall consist of all members of the MCR.
2. The Chairperson for this committee will be appointed by the Chair of the MCR.
3. Potential candidates will be elected at a regular meeting of the MCR. Other candidates may be nominated from the floor, in which case a ballot vote shall be taken.

Section 6. Removal

A. Any elected officer of the MCR will be notified by mail certified/returned receipt by the secretary requesting reason they should not tender their resignation and be replaced for cause as defined below. Removal by this method shall take place no sooner than 10 days after the letter is received and requires a two-thirds vote of the entire membership of the MCR eligible to vote at a meeting called for that purpose.
B. Removal of a member shall include but not be limited to the following:

1. Three (3) unexcused absences,
2. Failure to support the objectives and policies of the MCR
3. Failure to support and/or for working against the Republican nominated candidates.

Section 1.

A. The organizational meeting of the MCR shall be held between the 1st and 15th of February of the odd-numbered years.
B. Its purpose shall be to elect a Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer, and to conduct other business that may properly come before it.
C. The time and place of the meeting and the business to be conducted shall be mailed to all members of the Central Committee no later than 15 days prior to the meeting.
D. If unable to attend any properly scheduled meeting, voting members shall notify the secretary with reason for nonattendance at least one day prior to the meeting whenever possible.


Section 2. Regular and special meetings shall be held:

A. At a time and place designated by the MCR; or
B. Upon the call of the Chairperson, Vice- Chairperson or when both the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson are absent, upon the call of the Secretary; or
C. Upon written request of one-third of the voting members. The Chairperson shall call the meeting within ten days after receipt of such request. The meeting shall be held within fifteen days of the call.
D. The MCR membership will be notified of special meetings prior to the meeting, stating the time and place of the meeting and the business to be conducted.


Section 3. Official Call
The official call for the Organizational Meeting and all Special Meetings shall be published in a newspaper of local circulation at least 10 days prior to the meeting, stating the time and place of the meeting and the business to be conducted, provided that the business of the meeting shall be limited to matters stated in the call for a special meeting.


Section 4. Voting

A. Voting, with the exception of the election of officers, shall be by voice or standing vote.
B. A person holding multiple offices shall not be entitled to more than one vote.
C. There shall be no voting by proxy or mail-in ballots.


Section 1.
The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, the presiding officer of the Republican Women’s Club of Montezuma County and presiding officers of the Montezuma County Republican organizations approved by the MCR.


Section 2. Duties

A. The duties of the Executive Committee shall be to serve as an advisory committee to the MCR and shall perform other duties as directed by the chairperson.
B. The Executive Committee shall promote harmony.
C. The Executive Committee shall fix the number of delegates and alternates to the County Assembly from each precinct in accordance with Colorado Statutes and with Section IX-1A of these By-laws.


Section 3. Meetings

A. Executive Committee meetings shall convene upon call of the Chairperson or shall be called at the written request of two other members of the Executive Committee.
B. Meetings will be open.
C. A quorum for any meeting shall be a majority of the officers.


Section 1.
The standing committees may be: Audit, Bylaws, Finance, Vacancy, and others deemed
necessary by the chairperson.


A. The Audit Committee shall be composed of no fewer than three members. The Committee shall audit the books of the MCR after the organizational meeting and shall report at the next meeting. It shall also audit the books at any other time requested by the Executive Committee or if the Treasurer is replaced. The Executive Committee of the MCR shall not serve on this Committee.
B. The Bylaws Committee shall be composed of no fewer than three members. It shall review all proposed amendments and make recommendations to the MCR. It shall also notify the MCR of mandatory changes required by the Colorado Republican National Committee, and the Colorado Election Laws.
C. The Finance Committee shall oversee all fund raising programs.
D. The Chairman shall appoint the Vacancy Committee for replacing Precinct Committee-persons or appointed positions. They shall seek advice of members of the MCR. They shall fill all vacancies with the exception of a vacancy in any of the four MCR elected offices (Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary, or Treasurer) and publicly elected offices.


Section 2.
Additional standing committees shall be appointed by the Chairperson at the request of the Executive Committee or the MCR. Special committees may be appointed by the Chairperson.


Section 3.
The quorum of any standing or special committee shall consist of a majority of the members present.

Section 1.
Precinct caucuses shall be held in accordance with state law and defined in the Election Calendar published by the Secretary of State in even-numbered years at a place within or proximate to each precinct determined by the MCR and posted as required by law.


Section 2.
Voting members shall have been:


A. A citizen of the United States, and
B. A resident of Colorado and the precinct for twenty-nine days; and
C. Attained the age of eighteen years and be registered as a Republican for at least two months as shown by the registration books of the Montezuma County Clerk and Recorder.

Section 3. Procedure

A. With two committee-persons as nominees, elect a chairperson and secretary for the caucus.

1) If a current committee-person or nominee for Chairperson or Secretary for the precinct caucus is currently running for an elected office and is opposed within the Republican Party, he/she shall be required to resign.
2) Any candidate can be nominated and elected as a delegate to the County Assembly.
3) Party officers and current elected officials residing in Montezuma County shall be delegates at large to the County Assembly.

B. Elect the number of delegates and alternates to the county assembly stated in the call published by the MCR.

1) Majority vote shall elect.
2) Current/outgoing committee-persons shall serve in the first positions as delegates to the County Assembly.

a. At the precinct caucus meeting, they may waive this privilege if unable to attend the County Assembly.
b. Replacements then shall be the newly elected committee-persons or elected at the time of the precinct caucus.
c. Exercising waiver shall be reflected in the caucus minutes.

3) Initially, only persons present at the caucus will be elected as a delegate or alternate.

a. If additional delegates or alternates are needed after electing from those present, persons for the remaining vacancies may be elected from the current voter registration list to complete to the maximum allowed.
b. Those elected but not present must be confirmed by the caucus chair or secretary prior to turning the list in to the Central Committee Secretary.

4) Lot shall determine a tie for the last available delegate place. (refer to Montezuma County Caucus Guide Book for the procedure)
5) No person shall have more than one vote regardless of number of offices held.
6) Alternate delegates shall be listed in order of the number of votes received. Lot shall determine a tie for the last available alternate place. (refer to Montezuma County Caucus Guide Book for procedure)

C. Determine the nominees for precinct committee-person to be elected at caucus.

1) Majority vote shall elect.
2) Lot shall determine a tie. (refer to Montezuma County Caucus Guide Book for procedure)
3) The newly elected committee-persons shall take office at the close of the Assembly, and shall serve a term of two years.

D. Make Nomination for election at the County Assembly delegates to higher assemblies and/or conventions from the list of elected delegates and alternates, in accordance with ARTICLE IX, Section 1-C.
E. Results of the caucus shall be certified, post-marked, or delivered to the MCR secretary by the chairman or secretary of the Precinct Caucus no later than three days after the Precinct Caucus is held.


Section 1.
County assemblies shall be held not less than ten days nor more than thirty days after the precinct caucuses at the time and place determined by the MCR.


A. All delegates and alternates to Montezuma County assemblies shall be elected at their precinct caucuses according to Colorado Statutes. The number of delegates and alternates from each precinct shall be fixed by the Executive Committee and shall be proportionally based on the number of registered voters at the last general election. The list of delegates and alternates shall be delivered to or mailed to the MCR Secretary no later than three days after the caucus is held.
B. The call for the County Assembly shall include (in addition to the time, place, and purpose) a statement of the number of delegates to be elected to the state and district assemblies and conventions.
C. The County Assembly shall elect from among its members all delegates to every state or congressional assembly, and to any multi-county judicial, senatorial, or representative assembly.


1) Members shall mean all delegates and alternates to the county assembly elected at the precinct caucuses (whether or not present and voting).
2) Nominees for delegate to higher assemblies and/or conventions shall include those members nominated at the precinct caucuses or from the floor of the assembly.
3) Election as delegate or alternate to higher assemblies or conventions shall be by plurality vote. In the case of a tie vote, the last delegate position shall be determined by lot. The elected alternate delegates shall be listed in order of the number of votes received and if called upon to be seated, alternates will be seated in the order of the number of votes received. In the case of a tie vote, the last alternate position shall be
determined by lot. (refer to Montezuma County Caucus Guide Book for procedure)
4) A delegate or alternate who moves from his precinct after nomination at the caucus or assembly and prior to attending the higher assembly and/or convention shall be ineligible to serve as a delegate.
5) Any delegate or alternate may nominate or second a nomination of a candidate for elective office.
6) Non-delegates/alternates may speak with permission and at the invitation of the chair and the secretary of the Assembly.


Section 2
The agenda for Assemblies and Conventions shall be as follows:


1) Call to Order
2) Prayer
3) Pledge
4) Ratify the Chairperson and Secretary of the County Assembly/Convention
5) Convention Rules
6) Credentialing

(a) delegates/alternates to the assembly
(b) candidates in attendance
(c) nominators for the candidates
(d) read & confirm number of delegates prior to each vote

7) Nominations and seconds by credentialed delegates or alternates, speeches and voting for designated local candidates
8) Resolutions
9) Nominations, speeches and voting for designated upper level candidates (58, 59, 6, any other state, 3rd Congressional, US Senator, or any other Federal Office).


Section 3
Before the County Assembly may consider any resolution, it shall be referred to the resolutions committee of such body. All resolutions to be proposed shall be filed with the MCR Chairperson no fewer than ten days before the assembly convenes. Only resolutions that have been accepted at the precinct caucus will be considered.


Section 4 Voting in Assemblies and Conventions

A. No proxies or mail-in ballots shall be allowed or recognized in any assembly and/or convention.
B. No person shall have more than one vote regardless of number of offices held.
C. What is commonly known as the “unit rule” by which the entire vote of a delegation is cast according to the majority vote within the delegation shall not be enforced nor adhered to.

Section 5
The quorum at any county assembly shall consist of those delegates present.


Section 6.
At the convening of the County Assembly, it shall have the power to resolve controversies of the party organization within the county.


Section 7
Guests at the Assemblies or Conventions are to be seated separately at the back of the room and are not allowed to enter the delegate section. They are to be seen and not heard. They shall be asked to leave by the Sergeant-at-Arms if they are disruptive or be removed if necessary by law enforcement.


Section 8.
Candidates for higher state or national offices (or their designee) may be given the floor to speak at a designated time.


ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER NEWLY REVISED Latest Edition shall govern the MCR whenever they are applicable and not inconsistent with these bylaws, the Colorado Election Laws, or the Colorado Republican State Central Committee Bylaws.


Section 1.
These bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the MCR by a two-thirds vote provided that the proposed amendment was submitted to the bylaws committee and included in the official call mailed no fewer than ten days before that meeting.


Section 2.
If previous notice was not given in the call, unanimous consent of the MCR members present must be obtained before an amendment may be voted on.


Bylaws as revised and adopted 5/95

Rev. 3/1998
Rev. 2/2000
Rev. 2/2002
Rev. 10/2002
Rev. 10/2005
Rev. 12/2005
Rev. 3/2007
Rev. 1/2010
Rev. 11/2013


1. A guide book for county assemblies (Montezuma County Guide Book) shall be assembled by the Secretary or other Officer of the MCR. It shall contain but not be limited to:

a) A proposed agenda
b) The current Bylaws of the MCR
c) A map of the specific precinct
d) Precinct list of registered Republicans
e) Calls to the various assemblies
f) Copy of the distribution of delegates and alternates as fixed by the Executive Committee
g) A process to break a tie vote, defining ‘lot’.

2. A Caucus Training session utilizing the Montezuma County Guide Book will be held within the few weeks prior to the Caucuses.
3. Duties of Precinct co-chairpersons may include but not be limited to the following:

1. Precinct chair-persons are elected at their precinct caucus and serve a 2 year term.
2. Attend the monthly Central Committee meetings as a voting member.
3. If unable to attend, inform the secretary as outlined in the bylaws.
4. Keep informed as to what is happening politically.
5. Assist in strategizing to get republicans elected at the county, state and federal levels.
6. Assist in Central Committee activities: GOTV, poll watching, staffing booths at the Ag Expo, Home & Garden Show, County Fair and any other function.
7. Support fundraisers by selling tickets and attending if able, such as but not limited to the Lincoln Day Dinner and Annual Steak Fry.
8. Attend a Precinct Caucus Training every other year on even years just prior to the Precinct Caucuses (approximately 1 to 1-1/2 hours in length).
9. Facilitate your precinct caucus. Complete reports and turn them in by the deadlines according to CO Revised State Statutes and provided at the Precinct Training.
10. Attend and participate in the County Assembly approximately 4 weeks after caucuses.
11. Publicly not to support any member of any other party as per the bylaws.
12. Contact and involve residents of their precinct in all matters pertaining to the Party.


Standing Rules adopted 12/2005

Rev. 3/2007
Rev. 11/2013

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