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Our Common Vision


An American citizen's right that needs constant vigilance to ensure that it endures at whatever the cost.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away

from extinction."

-Ronald Reagan, 1961

Peace Through Strength

"One nation under God” and the rule of law are our greatest strengths. Full funding of our military, strong alliances, border protection, and diplomacy are essential.


“Speak softly, and carry a big stick.”

-Teddy Roosevelt, 1901

Fiscal Conservatism

Spending is the true burden of our government.  With fiscal government restraint and a lowering of the federal debt, republicans believe that this will allow voters to keep their tax cuts, full employment, and economic growth.

Vision of the Constitution

We believe in a foundational view of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  We believe the Constitution prescribes limited government with personal rights and responsibilities.


"All powers not delegated to the government by

the Constitution are reserved to the states or to the people."

-10th Amendment

American Dream

Every generation needs to understand and defend our history that imbues the people of this Constitutional Republic with “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Sanctity, Family, Faith

Human dignity requires respect for all life, family, and freedom of religion.



Due to the restrictions imposed because of COVID-19, the Montezuma County Republican Assembly this Friday will be held in individual precinct locations indicated below:

#1-Pleasant View Fire Department, 15235 CR CC, Pleasant View

#2-Ponderosa Restaurant, 715 Railroad Ave., Dolores

#3-Lewis-Arriola Community Center, 21203 Rd S, Cortez

#4-Lighthouse Baptist Church, 11502 Hwy 145, Cortez

#5-American Legion Hall, 320 N. Harrison, Cortez

#6-County Annex, 107, N. Chestnut, Cortez

#7-Baymont Inn & Suites, 2121 E. Hawkins Street, Cortez

#8-Montezuma GOP Headquarters, 11 N. Hwy 491, Cortez

#9- Montezuma GOP Headquarters, 11 N. Hwy 491, Cortez

#10-Candelaria Construction, 26050 Rd L, Cortez

#11- Mancos School Cafeteria, 301 W. Grand Ave., Mancos

If you are a delegate or an alternate to the assembly, your precinct co-chairs have been trying to reach out to you with the details. If you have not received a call, please call Casey at 970-570-1776 or Jan at 970-560-2197 to get your co-chair’s number for needed information.


Thank you,

Casey McClellan, Chair pro tem

and Jan Gardner, Secretary

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Central Committee Officers
Chair: Danny Wilkin
Vice Chair: Casey McClellan
Secretary: Jan Gardner
Treasurer: Bob Toles
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